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Community Transport Newham is a charity based in Leyton, as a branch of Waltham Forest Community Transport. We run a membership based scheme which allows non-profit organisations, youth clubs, day centers, and other charities within the local borough.

We currently do not provide transport for private bookings such as hospital transport, school runs, and private trips.

We care, we listen, we help

If you are located in Newham, and run an organization which is need of a transport company for your outings, trips or shuttles, then look no further than Community Transport Newham; We provide a reliable, friendly and affordable service.

We offer our membership to those who run non-profit organizations, youth groups, elderly and disabled clubs and more, to give them an opportunity to get out and about. All of our buses have a maximum capacity of 16 passengers and 1 Driver, perfect for groups with a large amount of members. We also have accessible vehicle for those who are in need of a vehicle suitable for wheelchair users and over luggage. All of our drivers are trained in various safeguarding training, as well as passenger assistance, fire evacuation and first aid; ensuring that the safety of the passengers always remain a top priority no matter the circumstance.

Meet Our team

We have an amazing team of people that take pride in their work with Community Transport in Newham

Helen Tredoux


Alison Fowlerlouis

Fleet Supervisor

Jackie Mattocks

Outreach Officer

Tahleah Fowler

Media and Marketing

Alison Skeat

Charabancs and Cadillacs Project Manager

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