Charabancs Quilt Session


The Charabancs and Cadillacs started their first taster session at Arc in the park, and it was where the following 6-Week workshop sessions took place.

Charabancs and Cadillacs’ first Community Travel Quilt workshop was held with Katie Anderson, who shared stories from Newham Archives and the introduction to the making of the Travel Quilt. Jane Grell delivered wonderful stories and songs to get everyone talking about their memories of travel and holidays.

The following 5 sessions consisted of small workshops with Katie. She taught the attendees the art of textiles, patterns, and similar mediums. The group had fun trying their hand at sticking and planning their patterns for the future sessions. Once the participants planned out what they wanted to sew, they have made great progress with their stitching. Some members sewed a memory of their holidays, and some sewed about their first memories of coming to England. The different types of memories sewn onto the fabric was a pleasure to see and learn about.

By the end of the 6-week workshop sessions, all the participants had created a motif of stitching on their fabrics, each piece telling a story. All the pieces will be kept safe with Katie until the time comes for the quilt to be assembled.

Members of the public will have the opportunity to sew their own little pieces onto the fabric as well.

Next Pop-Up Workshop:

April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the Central Park Cafe, East Ham, E6 3AJ

Start time: 1pm

Finish Time: 3pm

To register your interest, please contact Katie on]

A few pictures from the event

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